Gina Bowles
Gina Bowles

WDR Founder | Director
Pictured with her Rescue Dog Maximus

Poncho is a 2 year-old German Shepherd that got in trouble, there was an accident with the neighbors tiny dog. This poor guy was not vicious, it was not intentional. We think it was simply a case of a very large strong dog playing with a very small delicate dog and the accident happened. The owners of the small dog told the owner of Poncho that they would not go after her [the owner] as long as she would turn Poncho into animal control. Sadly Poncho’s owner had no choice but to give him up to animal control, they put him in some large cage like he was some monster! With an outcry on social media, people were asking to please spare Poncho’s life, so we at WDR jumped into action.

We called the animal control shelter who had Poncho, we are familiar with each other, they know our work. Animal control agreed to not euthanize Poncho and to release him to our care for assessment. With months of work we found Poncho to be a very sweet and lovable boy who simply needed training and learn how to play with other dogs more gently. His life was spared and he is now in a new home with a family that loves him dearly. Thanks to our trainer Connie who with out we could not save lives of dogs in troubling situations like this. We are so happy and blessed that we were able to help you Poncho. You will always be family to Working Dogs Rescue.

We love you, you wonderful boy.

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